Sapere Books

I’m thrilled to have signed with Sapere Books for my new series. With a well-deserved reputation for publishing outstanding and innovative historical fiction, it’s a privilege to join such a talented group of authors under the Sapere banner. The series is a spin-off from the first of my William Constable books, State of Treason. Hector Askham, a…

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Herts Book Festival

Looking forward to Herts Book Festival on Saturday 13 May @hertsbookfest On a panel with #HistFic authors @ELJohnson888 and Wilson McQueen Fellow members @Soc_of_Authors – @Cleric20 – Alice Hemming – @chrismlburleigh Also check out @CordellLesley and @pinsnfeathers

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State of Treason

Kindle Monthly Deal March 2023 State of Treason – Kindle Monthly Deal Free on Kindle Unlimited Here’s an excerpt: William Constable, astrologer and physician, has been summoned by Sir Francis Walsingham to assist Dr John Foxe in the examination of an object captured from an enemy agent. #HistoricalFiction #Elizabethan #Tudor #Walsingham #Thriller #Constable

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A Turbulent Peace Blog Tour

Thanks to the #CoffeePotBookClub for organising a Blog Tour for A Turbulent Peace from 19 September to 23 September 2022 Here’s the schedule for the first three days: September 19th I got lost in a book Historical Fiction Blog Linnea Tanner’s Official Blog The Coffee Pot Book Club September 20th Candlelight Reading Let Your Words…

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