Short Fiction

and Non-Fiction

Over years of working with creative writing groups I have come across many examples of outstanding short fiction – from flash fiction under 500 words, to short stories of 10,000 words or more. I confess it’s not my strong point. My inclination is to write longer pieces, but I do admire those writers who excel at the short form.

This section of my website contains examples of short fiction (and non-fiction) from author friends, plus a few of my own. I hope you enjoy some of them.


Close Encounters of the Desperate Kind

By Len Maynard Have I ever recounted the story of my one and only meeting with Hollywood legend Stephen Spielberg? I don’t think so. As a working writer over the best part of half a century, I suppose the meeting of two giants of their respective artistic fields was almost inevitable. But I’m getting ahead…

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Mud Slide Slim

Vinyl. At first, I thought it was just a man thing – an extension of engines and steam trains. Why would I bother? I had my iPhone and ear buds: music and podcasts on demand. Revelation for me came during an afternoon early in the first pandemic lockdown when I helped him tidy the loft.…

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The Paper Chase

By Keith Wadsworth The Envelope Jess leaned forward and, with elbows on knees, she rested her chin on her clenched fists. It was her favourite sulking pose. If it was for public consumption she would add a good loud sigh as she did it. Here in the park the sigh would have been wasted so…

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By Joan Whicher It was Paris 1962 and I was visiting my boyfriend who would later become my husband.  He was staying at his aunt’s flat in Boulogne sur Seine, while working as an intern at a French insurance company in the centre of Paris.  The previous year he’d attended a business studies course in…

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By Joan Whicher Orford in Suffolk is where we would spend a long weekend in August for many years. We’d normally arrive by way of Lavenham and Woodbridge. This was something of a ritual and was looked forward to hugely, as it was, during those years the sum total of our annual holiday, short but…

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