Excerpt from William Constable #3

The Queen’s Devil is on a Kindle Monthly Deal for April 2023 – only 99p or FREE for KINDLE UNLIMITED #Tudor #Thriller #Walsingham #Dudley #JohnFoxe #BookofMartyrs #Tower #Throckmorton #Somerville #LetticeKnollys http://mybook.to/thequeensdevil Here’s a short excerpt in which William Constable is with John Foxe at Leicester House inspecting the printed proofs of the fourth edition ofContinue reading “Excerpt from William Constable #3”

Kindle Monthly Deal

A Necessary Killing. The second book in the bestselling William Constable spy thriller series, only 99p for April 2023 1579. William Constable – physician and unwilling spy – is in Plymouth waiting to sail to the New World. The expedition, led by renowned explorers and traders, John Hawkins and Sir Humphrey Gilbert, has already sufferedContinue reading “Kindle Monthly Deal”

The Queen’s Devil

The Queen’s Devil is the third in the William Constable series. William, recently married, has settled into routine work as a physician when he is requested to attend two prisoners in the Tower of London. Both are accused of separate acts treason, but their backgrounds suggest there may be a connection. KINDLE MONTHLY DEAL forContinue reading “The Queen’s Devil”

A Necessary Killing

A Necessary Killing – the second in the William Constable series. William – mathematician, physician, and unwilling intelligencer for Sir Francis Walsingham – is in Plymouth readying to set out on a great adventure to the New Lands across the ocean. Kindle Monthly Deal for April 2023 – only 99p #tudor #histfic #WritingCommunity #thriller @SharpeBooksContinue reading “A Necessary Killing”


We’ve been practising our French, so it’s a minor disappointment when the owner of the gîte, Mr Brouillard, speaks perfect English. Our directions have taken us to the ‘manoir’, which turns out to be a castle. This is no ordinary pile of medieval rubble, but an entire fairy castle with slender turrets, topped with pantileContinue reading “A HOLIDAY MEMORY”