The Paper Chase

By Keith Wadsworth The Envelope Jess leaned forward and, with elbows on knees, she rested her chin on her clenched fists. It was her favourite sulking pose. If it was for public consumption she would add a good loud sigh as she did it. Here in the park the sigh would have been wasted soContinue reading “The Paper Chase”


We’ve been practising our French, so it’s a minor disappointment when the owner of the gîte, Mr Brouillard, speaks perfect English. Our directions have taken us to the ‘manoir’, which turns out to be a castle. This is no ordinary pile of medieval rubble, but an entire fairy castle with slender turrets, topped with pantileContinue reading “A HOLIDAY MEMORY”


By D M Lowe Professor Adamson coughed. Everyone looked. In the current environment, she might have received less of a reaction had she performed a jig in the nude. She cleared her throat and took a sip of water. “This covid-19 pandemic couldn’t have come at a worse time for us. Labs abandoned, furloughed technicians,Continue reading “POINT ZERO”