Twelve Nights

Twelve Nights by Penny Ingham – (The Heavenly Charmers series) Published: 2022 / 360 pages Buy Links: Universal Link: @pennyingham @cathiedunn @penny.ingham #HistoricalMystery #MurderMystery #BlogTour #TheCoffeePotBookClub. This title is available to read on #KindleUnlimited Here’s an excerpt: Author Bio: Penny has a degree in Classics, and a passion for archaeology – during the summerContinue reading “Twelve Nights”

The Merchant’s Dilemma

The Merchant’s Dilemma, a Meonbridge Chronicles Companion Novel. By Carolyn Hughes. Published September 2023 / 232 pages @writingcalliope @cathiedunn @thecoffeepotbookclub #Medieval #HistoricalFiction #Meonbridge #BlogTour #CPBC Buy Links: This title is available to read on #KindleUnlimited. / Universal Link / Amazon UK / Amazon US / Amazon AU / Amazon CA The Merchant’s Dilemma is aContinue reading “The Merchant’s Dilemma”

The Traitor Beside Her

Author:  Mary Anna Evans Published June 6, 2023 / 346 pages A WWII Mystery The Justine Byrne Historical Mysteries series @maryannaevans @thecoffeepotbookclub #HistoricalFiction #HistoricalMystery “Evans’s characters are vividly drawn, elevating this story and its revelations about women’s little-celebrated contributions to the war effort.”— Washington Post “An exciting read with historical tidbits, a hint of danger, andContinue reading “The Traitor Beside Her”

The King’s Command

The King’s Command: For God or Country by Rosemary Hayes Published: July 3rd, 2023 / 415 Pages 16 year old Lidie Brunier has everything; looks, wealth, health and a charming suitor but there are dark clouds on the horizon. Lidie  and her family are committed Huguenots and Louis XIV has sworn to stamp out thisContinue reading “The King’s Command”

The London Forgery

The London Forgery (A Fabiola Bennett Mystery) by Heidi Eljarbo Published: August 2023 / 252 pages Buy Links: This title is available to read on #KindleUnlimited / Universal Link / Amazon UK / Amazon US / Amazon CA / Amazon AU @HeidiEljarbo @cathiedunn @authorheidieljarbo @thecoffeepotbookclub #TheLondonForgery #fabiolabennett #DualTimelineMystery #BlogTour #TheCoffeePotBookClub 1973. Art historian Fabiola Bennett seesContinue reading “The London Forgery”

Stone Arrows

Stone Arrows by Elizabeth Barber Published: 8 August, 2023 / 232 pages When Zeta’s father is killed, she and her brother, Finn, together with Zeta’s pet wolf, Kuba, are forced to flee across the country to seek sanctuary with their mother’s birth tribe. On this perilous journey they have to learn to outwit their pursuersContinue reading “Stone Arrows”

The Lady of the Tower

Audiobook Author: Elizabeth St John / Narrator: Bridget Thomas Publication Date: 8th May, 2018 / Audio Length: 14 hours 40 minutes Also available in ebook and paperback Buy Links: The ebook is available to read on Kindle Unlimited. Universal Buy Link: #HistoricalFiction #PrincesInTheTower #Audiobook #BlogTour @ElizStJohn @elizabethjstjohn @thecoffeepotbookclub London, 1609. When Lucy St.John, aContinue reading “The Lady of the Tower”

Scotland, 1356 – The Douglas Bastard

Welcome JR Tomlin to the blog with a guest post on 14th century Scotland – the background to The Douglas Bastard and her Archibald the Grim Series. Published 2022 / 185 pages @tomlinjeanne @cathiedunn #HistoricalFiction #MedievalScotland #BlogTour #TheCoffeePotBookClub Archibald the Grim Series on Amazon: Amazon UK: / Amazon US: Author Bio: J RContinue reading “Scotland, 1356 – The Douglas Bastard”

Cold Blows the Wind

Today the blog welcomes Catherine Meyrick with an excerpt from Cold Blows the Wind. Published: 28 April 2022 / 425 pages @cameyrick1 @cathiedunn @catherinemeyrickhistorical @thecoffeepotbookclub #Historical Fiction #Australian Fiction #WomensFiction #BlogTour Buy Links: Universal Link / Amazon UK / Amazon US / Amazon CA / Amazon AU / Barnes and Noble / Waterstones / KoboContinue reading “Cold Blows the Wind”

The Queen’s Scribe

A warm welcome to Amy Maroney with a spotlight on her new book, The Queen’s Scribe. As a bonus, an interview with Amy follows the spotlight. Book 3 of Sea and Stone Chronicles. Published: 25 April 2023 / 388 Pages @wilaroney @amymaroneywrites #HistoricalFiction #TheQueensScribe #RoyalHistory #BlogTour #TheCoffeePotBookClub Praise for the Sea and Stone Chronicles: “IslandContinue reading “The Queen’s Scribe”