By Patricia Griffin

Anybody else out there who writes to reflect on and to keep order in their world as it is seen and felt? Well, I’m in your club too. Writing every day about the big things and the little things and sometimes in the process the small becomes the significant and the major another minor side note in the book of life.

I wanted this book to exist so that this lover of words and books could have her own book out there too. A patchwork of pieces written over a period of time brought together along with my own illustrations to make my first book, Sparks of Life.

I am most appreciative of the enthusiasm and expertise of Len Maynard of LMP Publishing who was instrumental in making my idea a reality. Big shout out too to Letchworth Writers’ Group.

I hope readers will enjoy the book and find pieces which resonate with them and speak to this life in which we are a part.


Here’s an extract from the book.


You lookin’ at me?

You lookin’ at me?

   Me? Nancy from Maypen

           Dougie’s sister

            Marjorie’s daughter

              Sam’s gal

Yeah, you lookin’ at me?

Oh Yeah?

What you see?

   A hospital gown

    Teeth in a jar

     A drooping mouth

       A grey and bald head


I’m Nancy,

  Red dress

   Black hair

     White shoes

        A smile -

         and life ready to happen.

You can find Patricia’s book, Sparks of Life, on Amazon here –

I know Patricia from the Letchworth Writers’ Group, and I would encourage aspiring writers living in or around Letchworth to check it out.

Len Maynard is a publisher and author. I can especially recommend his Jack Callum crime series of novels.

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