When The Mermaid Sings

a prequel to the Sea Witch Voyages of Captain Jesamiah Acorne

Captain Jesamiah Acorne is as charming a scoundrel as a fictional pirate should be. A resourceful competitor to Captain Jack Sparrow!” Antoine Vanner author

Today, it’s my pleasure to be hosting a stop on Helen Hollick’s Blog Tour for her book When The Mermaid Sings

When The Mermaid Sings

(The Sea Witch Voyages)

By Helen Hollick

2021 / 190 pages


A brief bit about the Sea Witch Voyages:

I wrote the first Voyage (Sea Witch) back in 2005 after thoroughly enjoying the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Like most avid readers, however, I wanted more than just the movie, I wanted to read something that was as entertaining and as exciting. A nautical adventure with a charming rogue of a pirate captain, written for adults (with adult content) but with a dash of supernatural fantasy as well – elements of which had made that first movie such fun to watch. I found many nautical-based novels, but they were all ‘serious stuff’ – Patrick O’Brian, Alexander Kent, C. S. Forrester … all good reads but without the fantasy fun, and barely a female character in sight. I simply could not find the book I wanted to read. So, I wrote my own.

The first Voyage led to more books in the series, and also generated several emails from fans who wanted to know how Jesamiah had become a pirate in the first place.

When the Mermaid Sings answers that question.

Where to buy the book:

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Here’s an excerpt:

Kingston, Jamaica, 1709

“We’ve been looking for you, Jes,” Markham shouted as he waited at the edge of the quay, one hand outstretched, urging Jesamiah to hurry. Knucklebone Jake and John Cleyver, Mermaid’s bosun, were with him.

“I’ve been on the beach,” Jesamiah answered, although it was an obvious statement.

“Watching for mermaids?” Jake asked with a chuckle. “There’s legend of one ’anging around ’ere. She lures unsuspecting lads into ’er arms, then drowns ’em. Many a body ’as been found washed up on the sand along ’ere.”

Expressionless, Jesamiah stared at him. Dare he admit he had – or thought he had – seen her?

“Don’t fill the lad’s ’ead with daft talk, Jake, we’ve more important matters to attend,” Cleyver snapped.

Fists on hips, Jesamiah tilted his head back. “More important things such as what?”

“Such as, our Captain wants Mermaid taken across the bay to Kingston,” Markham said.

“What – now? Why?”

Cleyver was already turning away. “Ain’t your place to query or t’ask, boy. Get a move on, we’ve already wasted enough time.” He strode off, leaving the others to follow at a more sedate pace.

Tom Markham explained what little they knew as they walked. “He’s sent a message asking for money. It seems our beloved Captain is losing at cards in some posh-rimmed Kingston gentlemen’s club.”

Jesamiah answered with a shrug. “Up to him how he wastes his money.”

Markham scratched behind his ear. “That it is, but not when he’s gambling against a cheat.”

“You can’t prove that, Tom,” Jake admonished, jumping in with a quick answer. “We all know you don’t care a rotten, maggoty apple-core for Stannis.”

“Stannis?” Jesamiah almost choked on the name. “What’s the likes of him doing in a gentlemen’s club?”

“Gentlemen and officers both. Been given the captaincy of the Jamaica Rose, the island’s guard-ship. Didn’t you know?” Surprised that Jesamiah did not, Knucklebone Jake flapped one of his hands landward. “His wife’s been strutting around in fancy new finery boasting the fact, and that, consequently, they’re moving across the bay to Kingston.”

“It was news to me an’ all,” Markham said as they descended the weed-slimed wooden steps and climbed into the jollyboat bobbing on the swell at the bottom. Cleyver, already seated, grumbled at their dawdling.

“I didn’t even know he had a wife. He don’t seem bothered about spending much time with her, does he?” Jesamiah observed, tugging the painter free and shoving the boat off by pushing hard against the barnacle-encrusted support post, as Markham and Jake gave a hefty pull to the oars.

Cleyver guffawed loudly. “You clearly ain’t seen or ’eard the wife! Looks like the wrong end of an ’orse, but she ’as money, see. That’s why Stannis married ’er, oh, ’bout three, four year ago?”

They settled into pulling steadily for Mermaid, the current strong, the wind buffeting waves and the side of the small boat. Jesamiah pondered an interesting thought: would he marry for money, or for a pretty face and love? He came to the conclusion that it probably depended on how much he needed the money.

How I met Jesamiah Acorne (the tru-ish) story – https://ofhistoryandkings.blogspot.com/p/how-i-met-jesamiah-acorne.html

Helen’s bio

First published in 1994, Helen became a USA Today Bestseller with her historical novel, The Forever Queen (titled A Hollow Crown in the UK) with the sequel, Harold the King (US: I Am The Chosen King) being novels that explore the events that led to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Her Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy is a fifth-century version of the Arthurian legend, and she writes a nautical adventure/fantasy series, The Sea Witch Voyages. She is now branching out into the quick read novella, ‘Cosy Mystery’ genre with her new venture, the Jan Christopher Murder Mysteries, set in the 1970s, with the first in the series, A Mirror Murder incorporating her, often hilarious, memories of working as a library assistant.

Her non-fiction books are Pirates: Truth and Talesand Life of A Smuggler. She lives in an eighteenth-century farmhouse in North Devon, runs Discovering Diamonds, a review blog for historical fiction, and occasionally gets time to write…

Helen’s Social Media Links:

Website: https://www.helenhollick.net

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helen.hollick

Amazon Author Page: https://viewauthor.at/HelenHollick /

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/477847.Helen_Hollick

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Thanks Helen.

Wishing you a successful Blog Tour with When the Mermaid Sings

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