Clement: The Templar’s Treasure

Welcome to Craig R Hipkins on today’s blog with an excerpt from Book 3 in the series – Clement: The Templar’s Treasure. YA Fantasy. Publication Date: 4th May 2022 / 233 Pages Clement & Dagena return for another action packed adventure. From the cold and dreary shores of Greenland to the fabled land of Vinland.Continue reading “Clement: The Templar’s Treasure”

Gwenna, The Welsh Confectioner

Gwenna’s life is about to change. Her father is dead and the family business on the brink of collapse. Thwarted by society, the plucky sweet maker refuses to accept defeat. Amid the bustling vibrancy of Auckland’s Karangahape Road, she promised her father she would fulfil his dreams and save her legacy. But thanks to herContinue reading “Gwenna, The Welsh Confectioner”

The Wistful and the Good

The Wistful and the Good (Cuthbert’s People, Book 1) By G. M. Baker Publication Date: 4th April 2022 / 341 Pages The mighty are undone by pride, the bold by folly, and the good by wistfulness Read an excerpt from G M Baker’s tale set in the eighth century Elswyth’s mother was a slave, butContinue reading “The Wistful and the Good”

Exploring the history behind “Raleigh, Tudor Adventurer”

A guest post by bestselling author, Tony Riches Tudor adventurer, courtier, explorer and poet, Sir Walter Raleigh has been called the last true Elizabethan. Even today, the words ‘El Dorado’ seem full of mystery and promise. It’s easy to see how an ambitious explorer like Raleigh would be fascinated by the stories of a cityContinue reading “Exploring the history behind “Raleigh, Tudor Adventurer””

The Accursed King

What happens when a king loses his prowess? The day Henry IV could finally declare he had vanquished his enemies, he threw it all away with an infamous deed. No English king had executed an archbishop before. And divine judgment was quick to follow. Many thought he was struck with leprosy—God’s greatest punishment for sinners.Continue reading “The Accursed King”

Apollo’s Raven

Welcome Linnea Tanner on Blog Tour with her book Apollo’s Raven Apollo’s Raven (Curse of Clansmen and Kings, Book 1) By Linnea Tanner 2020 / 394 Pages A Celtic warrior princess is torn between her forbidden love for the enemy and duty to her people. AWARD-WINNING APOLLO’S RAVEN sweeps you into an epic Celtic taleContinue reading “Apollo’s Raven”

Two Conspiracies in 1583

By Paul Walker In 1583 Elizabeth I was 50 years old and had been on the throne for 25 years. All talk of marriage was gone, Sir Francis Walsingham and Lord Burghley were occupied with war in the Low Countries and the threat of Spain, coupled with the influence of the Catholic League in France.Continue reading “Two Conspiracies in 1583”

Muskets and Minuets

It’s a pleasure to host Lindsey S Fera, featuring an excerpt from her debut novel Muskets and Minuets 19th October 2021 / 486 Pages Love. Politics. War. Amidst mounting tensions between the British crown and the American colonists of Boston, Annalisa Howlett struggles with her identity and purpose as a woman. Rather than concern herselfContinue reading “Muskets and Minuets”